Since 1945, Contractors across the country have relied on Dalton’s lineup of high quality Latex·ite® recreational coatings and pavement maintenance products.  We are a family owned business and pride ourselves on knowing pavement complexities since we have applied our products on countless Federal, State and private jobs.

We are passionate about the products we make and know that QUALITY, SERVICE AND VALUE are three driving factors to help gain your loyalty. 

We continue to innovate as we listen to what your needs are.  Our XL-1000 Asphalt Sealer is a high performance pavement sealer that will outperform across all front: adheshion, cohesion, color, flexibility, etc.  For joint seal, our Boxless DF and PL versions are a hit! Save time and money on jobs this season.  

On the tennis front we are proud to expand our Latexite distribution offering and network! 10 stocked colors at all 4 locations (CT, FL, CA, WI) - we are thrilled to have so many new distributors and applicators! Thank you!  For running tracks our latex Re-Track System is saving schools and municipalities a lot of money while helping your bottom line!  A LOT of tracks out there are in a desperate need of a re-spray!


We understand that business only gets tougher and it is our job to expand beyond quality, pricing, service and innovation.  We take pride in partnering with our contractors!  From offering volume pricing, equipment support or even marketing support – our goal is to help you grow your business...profitably.  We are privately owned and understand the cost pressures you are under.

US & International

Dalton has expanded over the years and has manufacturing plants and distribution centers strategically located throughout the entire country - we ship from CT, FL, CA and WI.  If youl would like to be a domestic or international distributor please contact us.   

For a complete list of Dalton’s products please see our New Catalog.