pickleball pb surface system




Dalton Enterprises is pleased to introduce Latex·ite® PB Surface System designed specifically for Pickleball!  Latex·ite® PB is formulated with a proprietary blend of acrylic and specialized texture giving the proper surface speed, resistance and playability for Pickleball.  A Pickleball court has a much more condensed playing area than a regular tennis court and due to this the court takes a beating.  Latex·ite® PB is a premium surface system that will give players and owners the best performance for Pickleball play!  Email for more information.

Here are some recent courts surfaced with Latex·ite® PB!




LATEX•ITE® acrylic pb surface system

Latex-ite® Acrylic PB Surface System is a fortified, non-fading, weather-proof,100% acrylic coating for use on plant mix asphalt, emulsified asphalt and suitable concrete surfaces. Latex-ite® PB System is specifically designed for Pickle Ball.  The unique formula consists of stronger and fuller acrylic resins, mineral fibers, round-cut silica sand and colorfast pigments, that resist abrasions from concentrated traffic. Latex-ite® Acrylic PB Surface System provides a tough, durable surface of uniform texture that remains flexible- which helps prevent surface damage pickle ball courts routinely suffer. Unlike other acrylic surfacing systems, each coat of Latex-ite® Acrylic PB Surface System, is fully pigmented, resulting in richer, longer lasting, in-depth color.

Item # Description Weight
3600 5-gallon pail 49 lbs.
3610 55-gallon drum 575 lbs.