Dalton Track Systems

Existing running tracks are a major investment and extending its life with the Latexite R300 Track System is the most effective use of your budget while maintaining a high level of performance.

Structural sprays are more expensive for the customer and more expensive for the contractor - all that prep time is a cost let alone the damage caused when the breeze picks up!

Our proven R300 System is a latex based 3 coat system (1 primer, 2 rubberized spray layers) to interface with either an existing polyurethane, latex or rubberized track surface.  

A high quality system that colleges, high schools and towns have adopted as not only does maintain it's cushion and color...but it's better for the environment, for the applicators and a tremendous cost saver versus polyurethane resprays.

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Latexite R300 Track System

The R300 Track System consists of a primer coat followed by is a pigmented red or black PolyResin emulsion coating.  The rubberized coats are sprayed in 2 layers over the entire surface. R300 is designed for existing all-weather synthetic surfaces, such as latex or polyurethane surfaces that have sufficient texture, but has discolored or faded over time. The surface will dramatically enhance the color of the existing surface.


Latexite Track Systems combines experience, innovation, passion and understanding of its users needs to offer the highest quality PolyResin Track Systems available today. Our Latexite R300 Track System is designed to fill a more environmentally friendly product need while maintaining the highest level of performance for athletes. Our state of the art laboratory combined with years of engineering expertise has allowed us to design customizable Track Systems to meet the needs of any new or existing polyurethane, latex or rubber track.


Dalton Enterprises, Inc. has over thirty years of successful experience as both a manufacturer and installer of recreational coatings. Our experience evolved out of performing federally specified work and has allowed us to be an industry leader in the recreational surface arena having been involved in over 250 track installations. We stand behind our products.

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Customer Testimonial

"We wanted to maintain the high performance level of our existing surface while providing a new surface that was better for the environment. When you informed us about Dalton’s new-patented Interlock Technology ensuring a permanent bond between our existing urethane and Dalton’s R300 Track, we were sold! The track looks great and is performing at a high level, while earning positive reviews.

We are very happy with our new track surface and I’d be happy to recommend you, your company and their R300 system to anyone in the market!"

Edward Reilly Director of Athletics
Worcester Academy, Worcester. MA