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Congratulations to Mitch Brown as he is now a Level 1 & 2 PT Field Specialist! (2) (2)

September 3rd, 2018

Dalton is committed to bringing its network of installers the technical knowledge they need when bidding and

applying the Latexite Surface system on Post Tension facilities.  Becoming a Level 1 & 2 PT Field Specialist will

allow Mitch to help his customers bring forth the very best project the end users expect.



“As the recreational industry evolves with more and more courts converting to Post Tension it is our priority as a company to make sure that our team, led by Mitch Brown, gives our contractors the correct input in PT Surface systems pre, during and post application", John Dalton, President.

For any questions about an upcoming PT job you may be bidding on please email mitch@daltonenterprises.com





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