Add Years to Your Asphalt Asset and Save Money

As a property manager we understand that your goal of maintaining your physical plant assets in the most cost effective and efficient manner is key. We give our contractor customers a turnkey pavement maintenance program that allows you to focus on other projects. Your parking lot is not only a major asset but it’s the entrance to your facility and creates a first impression for visitors and tenants. Dalton’s products are designed to be turn-key and extend the life of your pavement as part of a scheduled maintenance program. 

Please visit our pavement sealers section to learn about our NEW XL-1000 Asphalt Sealer - a high performing alternative to coal tar that offers excellent protection and beautification to your parking lot.

Incorporating a maintenance plan into your budget, similar to the graph below, will put off a costly repave, add curb appeal to your property and prevent costly accidents from occurring.

A Key Part of Your Playbook: Pavement Maintenance Program

  • Prevent deterioration of a major asset

  • Add curb appeal to your lot

  • Save money

  • Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall claims

  • Increase your property’s value

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