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A unique, silicone fortified, latex additive for sealer. Promotes faster drying and curing, stops tracking, sand roll out and filter/tip clogging. Improves sand suspension. Suggested mix ratio: Add 2 gallons of Fass-DriPSA to 100-150 gallons of concentrated seal: Add water and sand per manufacturer’s recommendation

Item # Description Weight
1150 5-gallon pail 47 lbs.




is an industry standard additive that will significantly enhance the performance of pavement sealers. Superior sand suspension and increase flexibility of sealer with rubber properties. Suggested mix ratio: Add 2 to 4 gallons to 100 gallons of bulk concentrate sealer. Add water and sand per manufacturers recommendations. (NOTE: Always dilute TARGEL PLUS 1:1 with water prior to addition to mix.)

Item # Description Weight
1161 5-gallon pail 48 lbs.