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Clearing up confusion in the marketplace - an update to the recreational coatings community

October 9th, 2015

On 10/8/2015 James Kin, California Products Corporation's attorney stated: "California Products Corporation did not take assignment of the Dalton License Agreement with Latexite International.  In fact, it was specifically carved out of our transaction.”

The licensing agreement which had allowed Rossi/American Tennis/Latexite International to manufacture and distribute the Latex·ite® brand of recreational coatings was formally cancelled on October 27, 2015.

As the original and current owner of the Latex·ite® brand of recreational coatings, we are pleased to expand our distribution network offering high quality and continuously improving Latex·ite® color coating system to the entire United States and Worldwide. Customers that have used our proprietary Latex·ite® formulations for years in New England and New York know and appreciate our quality.  
We ship out of CT, WI, FL & CA and our products are of the highest quality with fantastic performance on yield, spread, color vibrancy, flexibility and adheshion/coheshion. We are privately owned and are dedicated to giving our customers great value and best in class service.


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